is a novel AI-based Financial Market Intelligence Platform for Everyone.

In this blog we share thoughts, ideas and howtos for new traders to help in their journey to become experts.

These are for education purposes only. Nothing here should be construed as financial / investment advice or as recommendation to buy/sell securities.

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How to SHORT the market by going LONG?

In a market downtrend, shorting can be a good way to generate profit in trading and hedge one's portfolio from downside risks. But shorting stocks directly is risky and requires experience. For beginners, there is a better way.

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In this video learn how to use the product.


AI and Machine Learning from Hedge Funds to Retail Trading

AI-based hedge funds generated average returns of about 0.75% per month vs. about 0.25% per month for the human-guided hedge funds. For AI to be successful for retail traders, it should blend into the trading approach and workflow


What is Relative Strength and how to use it to generate trade ideas?

How do you find high-performing assets in all market conditions? Enter Relative Strength. This is a metric that helps you identify leaders within any market. Relative Strength can help you find emerging opportunities to trade.


For new traders, trading seems like rocket science! It shouldn’t be!

We challenged ourselves to create a novel Financial Market Intelligence Platform that masks the complexity for the newcomers and provides them a guided journey to help them adapt some of the best practices and develop their own.