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How to SHORT the market by going LONG?

In a market downtrend, shorting can be a good way to generate profit in trading and hedge one's portfolio from downside risks. But shorting stocks directly is risky and requires experience. For beginners, there is a better way.

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In this video learn how to use the product.


AI and Machine Learning from Hedge Funds to Retail Trading

AI-based hedge funds generated average returns of about 0.75% per month vs. about 0.25% per month for the human-guided hedge funds. For AI to be successful for retail traders, it should blend into the trading approach and workflow


What is Relative Strength and how to use it to generate trade ideas?

How do you find high-performing assets in all market conditions? Enter Relative Strength. This is a metric that helps you identify leaders within any market. Relative Strength can help you find emerging opportunities to trade.


For new traders, trading seems like rocket science! It shouldn’t be!

We challenged ourselves to create a novel Financial Market Intelligence Platform that masks the complexity for the newcomers and provides them a guided journey to help them adapt some of the best practices and develop their own.


Is there always a bull market somewhere?

Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money show keeps saying, “There is always a bull market somewhere..”. We set out to validate this hypothesis with


Why should you Swing Trade?

Learn about Swing Trading in this short video education series.


Trading Psychology

Trading psychology is one of the most important topics of trading. It is not something that new traders are consciously aware of. But mastering psychology goes a long way in successful trading.


What do chart patterns tell us?

In this short video series, we discuss how can traders use chart patterns.


The simple trick to score the 10-bagger in investing and trading.

You don’t need 10-baggers to win the trading game, just like you don’t need to go for the 13+ 3-pointers shots to win your basketball game. In fact, quite the opposite.


The Secret Formula for Super Successful Trading

To be super successful in trading you don’t need a crystal ball but simple things that work almost as well as a crystal ball. And these “secrets” are hidden in plain sight but tend to be overlooked.


What is Margin Trading and how does it affect your account?

Margin trading offers several benefits for traders with experience. Here we go more into detail about what it is and how one can use margin to maximize their trading results.


Different Trading Styles: Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Position Trading

There are many different trading styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and different traders will find themselves drawn to one or another style based on their personality and preferences. Here we discuss those styles

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Expert traders have spent years and even decades studying the price action to familiarize themselves with the behavior of the market. They have made expensive mistakes in the process, and some have even blown their trading account


AI in Trading: A Great Validation!

2021 has been a phenomenal year for We have launched an amazing version of the that Automates Technical Analysis for traders. It is a game-changer for making new traders successful and expert traders!


The Secret of Risk-Free Trading

Trading is inherently a risky business. There is a great amount of uncertainty in how the markets can behave as there are a lot of factors at play. So, is the concept of risk-free trading even possible?