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How To

How to SHORT the market by going LONG?

In a market downtrend, shorting can be a good way to generate profit in trading and hedge one's portfolio from downside risks. But shorting stocks directly is risky and requires experience. For beginners, there is a better way.


What is Relative Strength and how to use it to generate trade ideas?

How do you find high-performing assets in all market conditions? Enter Relative Strength. This is a metric that helps you identify leaders within any market. Relative Strength can help you find emerging opportunities to trade.


Is there always a bull market somewhere?

Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money show keeps saying, “There is always a bull market somewhere..”. We set out to validate this hypothesis with


The simple trick to score the 10-bagger in investing and trading.

You don’t need 10-baggers to win the trading game, just like you don’t need to go for the 13+ 3-pointers shots to win your basketball game. In fact, quite the opposite.


The Secret Formula for Super Successful Trading

To be super successful in trading you don’t need a crystal ball but simple things that work almost as well as a crystal ball. And these “secrets” are hidden in plain sight but tend to be overlooked.