Andreas Clenow | Expert Systematic Trader

In continuation of our series to highlight expert systematic traders that are icons for the next generation of traders, we have the spotlight this week on Andreas Clenow.


Andreas Clenow is a Swedish-Swiss author, asset manager, and entrepreneur based in Zurich. He has been a tech entrepreneur, financial consultant, hedge fund manager, financial engineer, quantitative trader, and financial advisor during his illustrious career. He currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of a family office. Andreas is also a board member of several companies and an advisor to startups.

Clenow is a Swedish national who has been living in Zurich, Switzerland, since 2002. Andreas started his career as a magazine salesman at the age of ten and then went on to co-found his first company at the age of seventeen. During his university studies, Andreas provided consultancy services in computer security solutions, enterprise networking, and programming.

In 2002, Andreas started trading futures and equities for individual accounts as well as hedge funds. Andreas has a grounding in both trading and quant modeling, which gives him a unique perspective when it comes to cross-asset quantitative trading.

Clenow worked for Reuters Consulting in Stockholm as Nordic Manager for Analytics Consulting division, covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and the Baltics. After an offer from the Reuters European HQ, he moved to Geneva as Global Head of Equity and Commodity Analytics Modeling and later Global Head of Institutional Charting and Technical Analysis. In 2006, he left Reuters to start up his first small hedge fund with initial seed money of around 30 million dollars. He has been expanding his hedge fund operation ever since.

Andreas has been fortunate enough to have been part of a great many projects, companies, and investments. He has managed quantitative trading products, acted as an advisor to family offices, been on the board of companies, and managed investments in merchant finance, salt water disposal, private equity, and real estate.

During all of this, he also rediscovered his passion for writing. Andreas' 2012 book on futures trading, Following the Trend, became an overnight global bestseller. He followed that with a sequel - the 2015 Stocks on the Move. That, too, became a best seller. In 2019 he wrote - Trading Evolved - a book about programming on how to code financial strategies. He has also written a financial novel - A Most Private Bank.

Clenow also shares his knowledge and insights by speaking at various conferences.

His website:

Follow him on Twitter: @clenow.


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