Nick Radge | Expert Systematic Trader

Systematic traders employ a systematic and often automated approach to trading financial assets. They use models and data-driven analysis to identify trading opportunities, decide when to trade and how much to trade, and then execute their trades in an automated fashion or manually (semi-automated way). While there is no single definition of what constitutes a systematic trader, they are typically distinguished from other types of traders by their reliance on models and data-driven analysis, as well as their automated approach to trading. Systematic traders may trade various assets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. Many systematic traders are employed by investment banks, hedge funds, or other financial institutions, but there is also a growing number of individual investors who are adopting this approach to trading.

Systematic trading is boring as it is mechanical and doesn’t come with the usual high emotional and daily drama associated with the discretionary form of trading. Naturally, there is much information available online about discretionary traders. Some modern discretionary traders are very active and vocal on social media. By comparison, systematic traders are less vocal, and some don’t even have a presence on sites like Twitter. Most systematic traders operate in a kind of stealth mode. But they have been developing systems for years that consistently outperform under various market conditions. They let their systems trade for them instead of getting swayed by emotions or requiring to contemplate market directions daily.

We are starting this series on the famous Systematic Traders who are well respected in the systematic trading community and have also been helping and mentoring the community of systems traders. The goal is to help new systematic traders discover their icons in this world. We will talk about one new Systematic Trader every week.


This week the Expert Systematic Trading on spotlight is Nick Radge.

Nick Radge is a professional trader, educator, and author who has been trading since 1985. During this time, Nick has worked for international investment banks – from the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange to International dealing desks in Sydney, London, and Singapore.

Nick developed a keen interest in the stock market while working for an investment bank in Singapore. In his spare time, he dedicated himself to testing trading strategies – spending 2 hours each day for 18 months, resulting in at least 750+ hours of dedicated effort building trading strategies.

Nick’s expertise lies in trading system design and technical analysis, focusing on momentum investing and trend-following strategies.

Nick also runs an intensive Trading System Mentor Course teaching students to design and code their own trading strategies. He has also published several books on trading.

His first book, "Every-Day Traders," was published in 2003. The book identifies the traits of successful traders and provides readers with the tools they need to be successful in the stock market.

In 2006, Nick released "Adaptive Analysis for Australian Stocks," which shows readers how to use price action to make the most of their winning trades and, more importantly, quickly recognize when they are on a losing trade and exit their position. He adapted this in 2014 for the general stock markets called the “Adaptive Analysis for Stocks.”

After the GFC, Nick Radge recognized that a new approach to trading and investing was required. The old-fashioned 'buy and hold' strategies used by most fund managers and financial advisors did not work. This was especially true during downturns - when markets turned down, clients were the ones paying for the mistakes.

In “Unholy Grails - A New Road to Wealth,” Nick outlines simple strategies to make money during uptrends and how to defend capital when the markets turn down.

Nick is a director at The Chartist, a stock market advisory service based in Queensland, Australia.

You can learn more about him on his website.

Visit his author’s page on Amazon for the complete list of his books.