2.0: AI-Powered Technical Analysis for High Precision Stock Trading

“To anticipate the market is to gamble. To be patient and react only when the market gives the signal is to speculate.”

We know that Technical Analysis for profitable trading is incredibly hard.

Expert traders have spent years and even decades studying the price action to familiarize themselves with the behavior of the market. They have made expensive mistakes in the process, and some have even blown their trading account a few times along the way. But even with their trained eye, they still need to continue to put a lot of hard work daily, going through hundreds and even thousands of charts to identify the right opportunity, watching the market closely every day for the proper entry and exit points. This is significant manual labor.

Our mission at has always been to empower both experienced and novice traders with AI to help them in their trading workflow. For experienced traders, AI provides a huge productivity boost by doing the first level of scanning for trade setups and freeing up their time for higher-order analysis. And it saves novice traders years of study and expensive mistakes by having the AI do the heavy lifting of technical analysis to identify setups that provide substantial risk-reward opportunities and high expectancy.

We have been innovating and iterating rapidly with the incredible feedback that we received from our beta users. We are proud to announce today 2.0. This takes our app to a whole new level of AI-powered technical analysis for high precision trading.

Here is a small preview of the features that we have in this release.

1) Automated chart pattern recognition with AI

At the end of each trading day, our AI analyzes thousands of stock charts in the universe to identify chart pattern formations set up and ready for a breakout with a substantial reward: risk ratio configuration. This prepares the trader for the next trading day with a filtered list of opportunities sorted by the setup quality shown as the star ratings. The trader can then add to favorite the stocks of interest for the next trading day.

2) Filtering options to select stocks.

While the AI looks for all technical patterns for stocks set up with a good reward: risk measure, individual traders may have their preference of the type of setups and the stocks that match their trading style. For this, we now provide a broad set of filtering criteria to narrow down the list of stocks.

3) Techno-Fundamental stock details

To help traders make a better decision about which stocks to pick, we also provide a lot of technical and fundamental insights on the stock. A trader can then pick stocks that match their criteria and trading style the best.

4) Live breakout detection

When the market is open, our platform now continuously scans for any stock breaking out and sends out a notification, and highlights that in the app. This enables the trader to take timely action on breakouts.

5) Progress tracking after a breakout

Entering a great opportunity is just one-half of successful trading. But managing the trade after the entry is also equally important. So, we provide an AI-enabled tracking of the stock price action post a breakout (for the ideal trade setup). This provides insights to traders to help them manage their trades better.

6) Research recent breakouts

The app offers easy access to recent breakouts which are still Active (meaning not yet hit the profit target or stop loss based on an ideal trade setup) or Closed (which have hit either the profit target or the stop loss based on the ideal trade setup)

7) Research the state of the market

An essential part of trading research is understanding where the market is. We provide an ability to understand how the market and various sectors are currently performing via the Market Watch ETFs.

8) Research the market leaders

Another important part of trading research is studying the market leaders across market caps, sectors, and industry groups. We provide an easy interface for traders to do that.

9) Research the backtested performance of different pattern setups across different time periods

It is important for the traders to select setups that they are most comfortable with and master those setups for profitable trading. While the AI identifies several different setups but the app provides insights into the backtested performance of these setups for traders to research the characteristics of these patterns.

10) New referral system to earn free usage months

Along with the 30-days free trial, we now provide the ability to use the new referral system to get a further one free usage month for every two friends invited to the app when they join.

… to what this app enables traders to do. We invite everyone to explore. The in-app help guide will provide you with more details on how to use the app.

We are very excited about 2.0 release, and we hope that all traders will find it helpful. We are always looking for feedback on how we can make the app useful for the trading community. Please let us know your thoughts at You can download the app directly from App Store or the Play Store

Happy Trading!

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